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    Atlas Mavros Symmetrical XLR Analogue Interconnects 1.5m Pair - EX DEMO
    SKU: Atlas Mavros XLR 1.5m DEMO

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    Warranty: 5 Years Warranty
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    EX-DEMO PRICE 988.13 - SAVE 329.37.

    The cable has only been used a few times for demonstration, and comes in it's original Atlas box with a 5 Year Warranty and a FREE Burn-In disc.

    The Mavros interconnect uses a new microporous PTFE dielectric together with OCC copper conductors which are manufactured using the highest-quality technique for drawing copper. "Ohno Continuous Casting" or OCC has one grain in about 700 feet of conductor, so the audio signal travels through a continuous conductor instead of traversing signal deleting grain boundaries. The copper itself is of the highest purity; 6N or 99.9999% pure.

    The new dielectric with a dielectric constant of 1.3 to 1.5 improves on ordinary PTFE which has a dielectric constant of 2.1, and thereby provides higher velocity of propagation values that typically range from a staggering 72% to 85%. increase in signal velocity. That speed provides better integrity particularly in the area of high frequency delivery.

    The new Mavros interconnect was designed to be technically and sonically superior to other interconnect cables currently available.

    The Atlas cable hallmarks of spaciousness, width, height and depth together with precise image focus and instrument separation are immediately evident. The new Hyper interconnect distinguishes itself with sound that reveals a transparency and hiterto unheard ambience and timbre.

    Do you dare you to try this absorbing and involving cable in your system?

    If so prepare to be amazed!

    "Hi Fi news were impressed with the Mavros interconnect and speaker cable.

    Naturally, Atlas recommends the use of its Mavros interconnects with its Mavros speaker cable. With both in place the system took on a whole new dimension, offering greater space, depth, dynamics and fluidity. These new Mavros cables from Atlas have the uncanny ability to sound fast yet relaxed, detailed yet refined, fluid yet composed. If they were a wine they would be a Brunello di Montalcino. Enjoy!"
    Atlas Mavros wins high praise.

    " am still convinced that there is regardless of the price category, no audio component that (can) boast the satus of the best one, but if there is a combination of the interconnect and the loudspeaker cable which I may recommend without any reservations whatsoever for any system at all - then it would be this one. Does that mean it is also the best? See for yourself." Audiopuls magazine

    "After the pauline Viardot song, Reine pronounced herself delighted, praising whetever this cable turned out to be without reservation (blind test). So did Albert, who however reached for more adjectives."It's beautiful, it's moving, the detail is refined. There's a beautiful balance with the piano, which is warm and limpid." Would this cable turn out to be better than our reference? We had more to come. The Margie Gibson recording confirmed the superiority of this cable. "It's magnificent," exclaimes Reine, "her voice is even more detailed. What a surprise." Albert agreed. "And it's not as though it were an easy recording.," he said. "Everything is well positioned in space, timbres are natural, the voice is clear. Everything is there, it's alive." UHF Magazine in Canada

    "Accomplishment and refinement are the key words here. With expensive kit, the Mavros works miracles" What Hi Fi


    • Atlas Mavros, 2 XLR to 2 XLR

    • Length 1.5m

    • Directional symmetrical pseudo-balanced

    • Multi-stranded 99.9997% pure OCC copper screen with an aluminium foil for 100% coverage and the rejection of RFI

    • New Microporous Teflon primary dielectric

    • Cotton yarn filler for reduced microphony

    • Two concentric stranded 99.9999% pure OCC copper multi-stranded conductor

    • Twisted conductors for the avoidance of EMI and for reduced resistance from the proximity effect

    • 8.5 mm diameter with a soft PVC jacket and a fabric cover

    • Direct silver plated Atlas audiophile all OCC Cu XLR plugs

    • Colour: Black

    • 5 Years Warranty

    • SAME DAY DISPATCH BY FIRST CLASS POST (If ordered before 4.30pm Mon to Fri)

    Technical Data

    • Resistance (Ohms/m @ 27C) : 0.0181

    • Conductor to screen capacitance (pF/m) : 110.33

    • Inter-conductor capacitance (pF/m) : 48.92

    • Conductor - screen inductance (H/m @ 1 kHz) : 0.3817

    • Conductor - conductor inductance (H/m @ 1 kHz) : 0.7256

    • Atlas XLR plugs are wired as follows:

    • Pin 1 = Ground
      Pin 2 = Hot
      Pin 3 = Cold


    About Atlas Cables

    Atlas Cables are a major producer of interconnects and cables in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. All products are researched, developed and most are assembled in the Atlas purpose built factory in Scotland. Many of these products are unique and use advanced techniques of production or manufacture in order to bring to the user the very finest quality products. With each new model we continue to push the boundaries of reliability and performance. It's little wonder then, that Atlas Cables have had so many mile-stone advances in the past and that Atlas Cables have secured so many awards in comparative tests against other products.

    What is OCC Copper

    In 1985 Professor Ohno from the China Institute of Technology developed his patented method for the extrusion of a grain free copper wire. (Technical papers are available from the Japan Inst. Metals and from Chapman & Hall, publishers.)

    When a pure metal solidifies, its crystals grow in a specific geometrical pattern (typical to that metal) emanating from a nucleus, rather like the dendritic growth pattern of a tree. The size of the metal crystals grown can be varied by repeatedly annealing metal such as is done in the LC-OFC process. The structure of a strand of copper may be likened to that of a bag of sugar. Every grain of sugar has a crystal boundary. In a conductor, these crystal boundaries (potential barriers) act as a non-linear resistance to the flow of electric current. It follows that, the fewer the boundaries, the less the effect on an electric signal as it propagates from one end of the conductor to the other.

    Product Summary

    Product:  Atlas Mavros Symmetrical XLR Analogue Interconnects 1.5m Pair - EX DEMO
    Model:  Atlas Mavros XLR 1.5m DEMO
    Price:  988.13 GBP
    Condition:  New
    Availability:  Yes

    Retail Price: 1,317.50
    Our Price: 988.13
    You Save: 329.37 (25%)
    Availability: In Stock
    Atlas Mavros Symmetrical XLR Analogue Interconnects 1.5m Pair - EX DEMO
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    SKU: Atlas Mavros XLR 1.5m DEMO

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