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    Atlas RCA Input Terminator AIT x 4
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    Atlas terminators are simple passive products that, by reducing the pathways to noise ingression or transmission, help reduce the noise burden in any system. This often leads to lower background noise and improved fidelity. Utilising the multi-award winning Integra RCA plug with its self-cleaning and non-compression contacts ensures no compromise in the critical contact areas.

    Unused analogue input sockets in pre/integrated amplifiers can often act as conduits for pollutants such as RFI (radio frequency interference). A simple but effective way to minimise the problem is by the use of Atlas Analogue Input Terminators (AIT) on all unused analogue inputs. We offer these as a pack of 4.


    Plug the AIT into the spare unused input RCA phono sockets on your integrated or pre-amplifier, being careful to avoid the outputs. With the AIT in place, your amplifier's unused inputs will be in a defined low noise state and resistant to the interference which can reduce sound quality.

    Caution: Do not plug an AIT or DOT into the RCA analogue outputs on your amplifier – you may damage your equipment!

    About Atlas Cables

    Atlas Cables are a major producer of interconnects and cables in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. All products are researched, developed and most are assembled in the Atlas purpose built factory in Scotland. Many of these products are unique and use advanced techniques of production or manufacture in order to bring to the user the very finest quality products. With each new model we continue to push the boundaries of reliability and performance. It's little wonder then, that Atlas Cables have had so many mile-stone advances in the past and that Atlas Cables have secured so many awards in comparative tests against other products.

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    Product:  Atlas RCA Input Terminator AIT x 4
    Model:  Atlas RCA Input Terminator AIT
    Price:  90.50 GBP
    Condition:  New
    Availability:  Yes
    Availability: In Stock
    Atlas RCA Input Terminator AIT x 4
    Product Reviews for Atlas RCA Input Terminator AIT x 4
    SKU: Atlas RCA Input Terminator AIT

    Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
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    Product Reviewed: Atlas RCA Input Terminator AIT x 4
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    I already had the metal Audioquest RF input caps which offered a generalised reduction in system noise thus giving a more confident presentation of the music BUT as worthwhile as they are it is true that these Atlas AIT caps offer (at 5 times the price to be sure) a completely different level of RF noise elimination…………. The sound floor is indeed blacker and the sound stage is more solid and ‘stable’ – ‘stable’ is the word I’d use – there really is a more confident presentation of the sound stage……………. After speaking with the Atlas guy himself, he pointed out that better RCA interconnect cables would be a better investment at the price but since eventually I fully intend investing in a serious RCA interconect cable upgrade (at least one or two upgrades in the end) I feel that getting the best out of my present set up was what would best benefit my listening hours in the future…………….. At the price, with the 4 I had, the Atlas guy advised me to swap them onto the different inputs to see which inputs offered the best improvement. After doing this I found that depending upon the pairs of inputs I plugged into, the benefits were different. One set gave me a livlier, zingier treble with significant added treble detail, whereas the other inputs offered a more stable sound stage – a choice had to be made………. thus I invested in another set of 4 Atlas ATI and lo and behold I got the treble detail and the more stable soundstage……………. It is true that better interconnects would offer better value for money but in the end you still have the fuzzy RF system generated signal interference and eventually I’ll buy very good CD player/amp RCA interconnects anyway and then I definitely don’t want RF signal interference from the amp inputs……… so, I’d definitely recommend these as a system upgrade - if you already have good RCA interconnects or intend getting better ones in the future then this is a sound investment. I’m very happy . NOTE WELL – DO NOT PLUG THESE INTO YOUR SPEAKER CABLE OUTPUTS ON YOUR AMP – YOU COULD DAMAGE YOUR AMP – MAKE SURE IT’S THE PAIRS OF LITTLE RED AND WHITE INPUTS YOU PLUG INTO (check with Adam senior of the future shop sales team if you’re not sure)

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