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    Ecosse The Soundman Digital Audio AES-EBU Cable 1.5m
    SKU: The Soundman 1.5m

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    It has often been said that the best digital interconnect in the world is the old Kimber Illuminati D60. Of course, Kimber no longer produce this interconnect (as Ray himself did not actually design it). NO MORE…because The Ecosse Soundman creams the old Illuminati BIG TIME!!!

    Here's how: It is vital that 'reference' quality digital cable closely matches the 'characteristic impedance' (75ohm) of the digital signal- this being the most important concern of digital signal transmission. Of near-equal importance is 'capacitance'-which must be kept as low as possible. The topology of ''The Soundman" digital interconnect is carefully controlled to precisely match these required specifications-it is a precision 75 ohm cable designed to provide the highest quality single-ended digital interface and of especially low capacitance. The signal conductor is made from a perfectly circular solid wire of 6N's silver.

    Ultra low-loss Foamed Polyethylene forms the dielectric insulator and the former for the first two of three screens. A pure copper foil is surrounded by a close-lapped braid screen of silver-plated Ultra-Hi Purity OFC. A layer of PTFE (Teflon) separates this screen from an outer screen of the same close-tapped silver plated UHP-OFC. Such a screen fully protects the digital bit stream from the distortions introduced by RFI, EMI and ESI 'noise'. It is necessary and appropriate to ground this type screen at 'source' only- for maximum noise reduction. A layer of Neoprene™, acting as a damper and vibration absorber is sandwiched between the outer screen and the soft PVC outer jacket.

    The plugs they use to terminate this cable are the latest, development of Ecosse's MACH2 RCA plugs, and among the best, non-compressing plugs available anywhere. Uniquely, their centre pins and conjugate bracket shields (designed to form a 'Faraday Cage'-a device designed to maximise RF screening) are both deep silver-plated Monocrystal™ Copper. As an upgrade option they offer 'The Soundman' in a Pro-Digital version using there most sophisticated RCA plug assembly-the awesome MACH3 frighteningly expensive constant-impedance Monocrystal™ deep Silver-plated over Copper RCA plugs.

    In both cases of the RCA's their shields grip the cable firmly but without compressing the cable, ensuring that the crucial characteristic impedance is maintained. A heavy, silver-plated brass body, with twin high tensile fixing screws, clamps this double-shielded assembly uniformly and without stress.

    Meticulous care and attention to detail is exercised during termination assembly, the contact surfaces being thoroughly cleaned and treated prior to the application of Ecosse lead-free SuperSolder™- there new ultra high purity silver and tin alloy wire, together with there unique, passive organic flux, ensuring a joint with varnishing low resistance, ultra low chemical contaminants and very high strength.

    A world first here is there optional MACH3 FURUTECH™/FURAKAWA BNC jitter-free plug termination-BNC being the truest 75ohm device and the preferred termination of audiophiles. Ecosse are proud to offer this unique option with but a small premium in price.

    Tighter tolerances have improved the fit, offering a lower impedance, gas-tight connection, a greater level of RFI/EMI/ESI noise rejection and a more linear and extended frequency transfer characteristic with negligible-no jitter contribution. All these factors contribute to a performance, which basically means that the signal at one end as near as dammit equals the signal at the other end. All you ever wanted to know about digital signals is here.

    Developed with the best transports, DAC's and digital amplifiers in mind, "THE SOUNDMAN" propagates a full bandwidth signal within an ultra low noise environment that ensures the most accurate signal transfer possible and represents Ecosse's 'statement' digital transmission product.

    In the interests of the most accurate signal transfer with lowest noise ingress and since capacitance increases with length, Ecosse recommend that "The SOUNDMAN" be kept as short as possible. Hence "THE SOUNDMAN" Digital Interconnect.

    • Ecosse The Soundman Digital Audio AES-EBU Cable

    • Length 1.5m

    • Pure Silver Solidcore signal conductor

    • Dual Ultra Hi Purity-OFC™ close-lapped braid and Cu foil triple screen

    • Vibrakil™ jacket technology ensuring virtually zero microphony

    • MACH2 deep-silver plated version of our RCA plugs

    • Ultimate MACH3 version of our RCA plug termination-for Soundman-Pro Digital'

    • Superior ultra low loss FPE dielectric

    • Vibration-absorbing low density 8mm o/d PVC sheath

    • 10 Years Warranty

    About Ecosse Cable

    Ecosse is the name on the worlds finest cables. In terms of price versus performance, musicality and fidelity, Ecosse Cables are without peer.

    All Ecosse Cables are painstakingly researched and developed - then hyper evaluated to destruction on the very best 2-channel music system used by ANY cable company in the UK.

    Ecosse are proud to have introduced single crystal grain free Monocrystal™ copper (and silver) to the mainstream UK audiophile market back in 1997 and we continued this tradition with our unique Super Monocrystal™ loudspeaker cables in the mid 2000s.

    Ecosse Cables are handcrafted in our factory in Scotland by the finest technicians who between them have decades of experience in cable termination. It should come as no surprise then that since the year 2000 Ecosse Cables are the most celebrated cable company in terms of awards, reviews and reputation in the UK.

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    Product:  Ecosse The Soundman Digital Audio AES-EBU Cable 1.5m
    Model:  The Soundman 1.5m
    Price:  440.10 GBP
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    Ecosse The Soundman Digital Audio AES-EBU Cable 1.5m
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    SKU: The Soundman 1.5m

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