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    ISOL-8 SubStation LC Mains Conditioner - Black
    SKU: ISOL-8 SubStation LC Mains Conditioner - Black

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    The SubStation LC, HC and Axis build on the substantial achievements of the Substation Vogue and Qube with a new semi modular format and DC blocking as standard. Standing alone or in combination for even greater performance; they form a flexible, effective solution to satisfy the most demanding audiophile.

    Each unit provides a different function, so you can upgrade your power supply as your system evolves without costly trade-ins or compromising performance.

    They all share the same outstanding UK made build quality with a five year guarantee. PTFE insulated silver plated wiring, premium quality components and connectors are standard. All versions have DC blocking, a custom earth line choke to suppress noise on the safety earth, and surge and spike protection for peace of mind. The substantial all alloy, non magnetic, half width case allows two units to be placed side by side on a standard equipment shelf.

    The SubStation LC (Low current) is the foundation of the range, optimising power for your source components. 8 Amps is continuously available across the four outlets. Preceded by a high power DC blocking Axis circuit, each outlet has its own multistage Transmodal filter to suppress cross-contamination between components. The LC is constructed to last a lifetime with carefully auditioned premium components including OFC copper foil inductors. With the SubStation LC at heart of your system it will readily liberate performance lost to compromised mains power. It is our ultimate passive power conditioner for low to medium current loads.

    "Listening without the Isol-8s, things definitely become slightly lethargic and less well-separated, with noticeably poorer delineation of detail and dynamics. As a result, we felt inclined to turn up the volume a notch to try and make the music project more. In simple terms, the sound suddenly seems less special. With the Isol-8 SubStations back in circuit, things perked up again. Individual voices and instruments sound cleaner, with greater individuality Ė both tonally and dynamically. Bass seems firmer and cleaner, with less smearing and overhang, while the treble is airier." HiFi Choice Recommended April 2011.

    "That enhanced detail, clarity, better separation and space round the instruments and that almost spooky quiet they bring to backgrounds, is like doubling the cost of every component in the system. I understand that not all systems benefit from such enhancements (the Naim UnitiQute, for example, lost a lot of its character in the process), but those that do benefit, really shine with the SubStations in place. As itís also a power conditioning system that can grow with your system, itís an obvious choice." Hi-Fi+ June 2011.

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    • ISOL-8 SubStation LC Mains Conditioner

    • Colour: Black Front

    • Number of available outlets: 4

    • Type of outlets available: 13A UK also available in Schuko & 15A US

    • Power Input: Neutrik 20A powerCON (cable not supplied)

    • Construction: Aluminium chassis with Silver finish, Aluminium alloy panels (Black optional)

    • Mains Voltage: 230VAC version for 220-240VAC, 117VAC version for 100-127VAC

    • Maximum continuous Current: 8 Amps RMS for LC

    • Protection: Rear panel circuit breaker

    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 232mm x 135mm x 420mm (excluding connectors)

    • Weight: 5.8Kg

    • Warranty: 5 Years


    Nic Poulson founded Isol-8 Teknologies in 2003.Nic's background was originally in broadcast engineering. He trained and worked for the BBC as a sound engineer and the corporation's legendary high standards made a deep impression on him. He learned that the way to achieve true quality is to strive for excellence in every area and accept nothing less.

    After leaving the BBC, Nic had become an established electronics designer with success in both audio amplification, with ISOL-8's sister company Trilogy Audio Systems. He then formed IsoTek Systems after identifying the need to tackle the problems of compromised power supply in Hi-Fi and AV systems. An area he believed was being misunderstood and neglected by mainstream manufacturers. ISOL-8 was then founded to continue developing Nicís ideas.

    Nic pioneered the use of multiple filter sections to tackle noise cross contamination between audio components. He also has championed the use of DC blocking to further improve sound quality. The use of Transmodal filter technology which blocks common and differential mode noise without shunting the noise to ground is, we believe, unique to ISOL-8 in audio and AV applications.

    Product Designer Simon Dart and Nic are both keen audiophiles. Together they have the balance of skills to innovate and deliver exceptional products. Above all they have the passion to push forward the standards of reproduced sound. This passion is what makes ISOL-8 the leading force in power conditioning.

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    Product:  ISOL-8 SubStation LC Mains Conditioner - Black
    Model:  ISOL-8 SubStation LC Mains Conditioner - Black
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    ISOL-8 SubStation LC Mains Conditioner - Black
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    SKU: ISOL-8 SubStation LC Mains Conditioner - Black

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