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    Melco N1A/2 HDD Network Music Library & Server
    SKU: Melco N1A/2 HDD Network Music Library & Server

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    Melco is a high-performance Audiophile source of high resolution digital music. It is not an IT device and is therefore capable of considerable improved performance.
    The data path within the N1 is based on a precision low-jitter clocked data bus, whether the music is delivered to a USB DAC or to an Ethernet streamer. Immediately this approach is taken, the benefits of a really low noise environment, impossible within a computer or IT device, becomes apparent.
    Mechanical vibration is reduced to a minimum; the very solid N1Z chassis with heavy aluminium extrusions and a stable H frame construction minimises any possibility of vibration. The HDD compartment, whether for HDD or Audio Grade SSD, is heavily reinforced against vibration and the drives are supported on a massive non-magnetic brass foundation plate. The whole chassis is supported on massive vibration-reducing feet as used in the award-winning 40th Anniversary Melco.
    Each operational element, power supplies, HDD, processor and data management, capacitor block, and system control, are isolated within the H frame which also eliminates electrical interaction.
    System noise is reduced at source – each power supply is extensively filtered with a Capacitor Bank separated from the main PSU PCB incorporating both high performance audio-grade capacitors and film capacitors. HDD supplies are separate from the signal and data processing. Wiring is carefully dressed and screened, with extensive copper foil used to restrain any possible noise leakage. Even the top cover is treated with copper foil over the power supply areas to ensure the quietest electronic environment.
    All in pursuit of the finest performance…..

    N1A/2 is a development of the N1A to further improve sound quality especially for USB-DAC users. A dedicated Neutrik USB 2.0 port connects to the DAC for optimum sound quality. Internally there are many detailed improvements to further reduce internal noise including a new capacitor bank to isolate the medical grade power supply, a new higher current 3 pole IEC connector with true ground and a built in power supply noise filter. Newly selected HDD with vibration isolating cradles ensure a new low level of vibration combined with capacity increase. (2 x 3TB = 6TB). A front panel USB 3.0 port makes importing from USB stick or USB drive very convenient and is in addition to 3 rear USB 3.0 ports for Easy Backup, Easy Expansion, Easy Play and Easy import.

    Network Connected Music Store and Server

    Unlike PC set-ups, Melco's dedicated Ethernet port and Purifier allow for Direct Streaming Music. The DSM connection allows the player to be fed with precisely optimised data of any HD format including DSD, from a powerful internal UPnP Server, which in conjunction with the player control App, ensures a delightful user experience. Data integrity and precision timing is assured by the ultra-low jitter internal data clock and the robust and precise data-bus architecture.

    The DSM connection can also establish the Player IP address if required - eliminating the requirement for a network connection providing the Player can be controlled locally from the front panel or IR handset. No computer is required. Everything is accessible from a clear and informative front panel OLED display.

    The LAN port gives a more conventional view of the Melco as a NAS allowing for full music management, SAMBA sharing, multi-room streaming etc.

    Source for USB Connected DAC

    The internal architecture of the Melco also allows for a simple direct connection between the Melco and Auiophile DAC using a dedicated USB 3.0 port, removing the requirement for an Ethernet connected Player.

    The data internal to the Melco is ultra-low jitter, making it far better than any computer USB connection - giving the connected DAC the very best possible datastream to paly.

    When a USB DAC is connected, the Melco advertises on the Network as a UPnP Player and is simply controlled using your favourite UPnP Control Point App.

    The Melco has true Source Component grounding via the IEC mains so avoiding any USB ground connection issues that are common when using PC sources.

    Audiophile Engineering

    High performance single 60w power supply with noise reduction technologies, Multiple low mass regulators for long term stability. Specialised pulse isolating transformers for both Ethernet ports ensuring accurate impedance match and isolation from networks noise. LED port indicators can be switched off. Active Ethernet Purifier isolates data on the LAN port from the Player DSM port.

    Easy Operation:

    No Pc required for setup and installation - no specialist knowledge needed. Simple setup from front panel OLED display. Specific DSM IP port for Ethernet Streamer / Player with separate LAN port Control and network. Automatically creates very simple robust network for streaming high resolution music and control. Simple power operation, normal ON/OFF switch. Just 5 seconds to power down and 15 seconds to be ready. Informative OLED display with just 4 navigation buttons, display all relevant settings, connected devices, capacity, setup and also displays current song playing. Simple Backup - music is secure with USB connected Backup drive which will backup in a single button press. Simple Expansion - when the music collection outgrows the internal storage a USB drive connected to the Melco will extend capacity without any setup being added. Simple music imports from USB drive in just one button press. Simple music downloads from High resolution vendors direct to Meloc without a PC and safe against unintended power down.

    "I also tried the N1A with an Ayre QB9 USB DAC (that’s awaiting review), this is a more subtle and refined converter and it revealed considerable poise and immaculate natural reverb on La Folia by the Atrium Musicae De Madrid under the direction of Gregorio Paniagua (Harmonia Mundi). Laura Marling on the other hand arrives in the room with an uncanny presence when she sings ‘Take The Night Off’ (Once I Was An Eagle, Virgin). I then switched back to the Cantata via Ethernet, initially taking the traditional route and going through a network switch and this brought with it better low end power and a very slight coarsening of the sound but not so much as to undermine the entertainment factor which was very high with Frank Zappa’s San Berdino (One Size Fits All, Zappa). Moving over to the N1A’s dedicated ‘player’ Ethernet connection adds space, low level resolution and a very similar level of resolution to the USB route, in fact it suited my system rather better." The Ear - May 2015.

    "Happily for Melco, the N1A must additionally be judged on more prosaic terms as to how it performs as a NAS drive and here it scores very well. This is undoubtedly an expensive option, but it is simplicity itself to get going and once up and running it provides an impressively flexible operating experience." HiFi Choice (397) - April 2015.

    "The Melco N1A is a truly impressive piece of equipment for anyone looking to house their music collection in one place. Bags of storage, simple to operate yet possessed of a gorgeous sound - it comes unreservedly recommended." HiFi World - March 2015.

    Read The Ear Review.

    Read the HiFi Choice Review.

    Read HiFi World Review.


    • Colour: Black (N1AH/2BK) or Silver (N1AH/2)

    • Dedicated LAN port for Player (Streamer) connectivity - optimum data integrity and simple setup

    • Light-piped Ethernet ports - complete electrical isolation totally removing possibility of interference and noise

    • LAN LED off function - ensures the highest possible data integrity

    • Separated power supply circuitry for LAN ports - isolates the LAN function from all electrical disturbances

    • Audio-grade ultra-low jitter data clock - eliminates any possibility of data jitter at source

    • High grade power supplies with audiophile grade components. N1A - 60W x 1

    • Dual high grade power supplies. N1Z – 30W x2, sepearte supplies for external data interfaces means no pollution of sensitive internal data and clock supplies

    • Specialist audio isolators (Japanese TAOC brand)

    • No PC required for setup and installation - no specialist knowledge needed

    • Specific IP port for Streamer / Player with additional Network port for Control and Ethernet. Simply creates robust network for streaming high resolution music and control even on complex networks

    • Pre-installed media server - no configuration required

    • Supports multiple specialised media servers - currently shipping with Twonky 7 with DSD support

    • Informative OLED front panel display - displays current streaming track data, system status, and setup

    • Simple menu navigation structure and track selection

    • Simple front panel on-off switch - just like Hi-Fi

    • 15 seconds only to full power-on

    • 5 seconds to full shut-down

    • Safe against unintended power down - no requirement for UPS

    • The Local USB-DAC player can be used in the same manner as the Network Player. The Local USB-DAC player is simply controlled from a UPnP Control App on a Smartphone or Tablet on the network. The App discovers the N1 - DAC as a Digital Media Renderer or Player on the Network as soon as a DAC is connected to the N1

    • The N1 is connected to various Hi-Fi USB-DAC using a standard USB lead

    • The N1 Local USB-DAC Player supports PCM up to 384 kHz / 32 bit, and DSD up to 5.6 MHz double DSD

    • Automatic sample rate adjustment to match the capabilities of the connected DAC - e.g. 192 kHz is automatically downsampled to play on a 96 kHz capable DAC

    • Automatic conversion of DSD to 24 bit PCM for USB DAC that does not support DSD. (Manual setting in the Menu)

    • The Playlist can be stored either on N1 (Mode 1) to allow the playlist to be maintained even if the App is out of contact, or the Playlist is stored on the App (Mode 2) when the App requires it. Please see compatibility chart

    • The Melco Local USB-DAC player can be easily controlled by your favourite UPnP control Point (App)

    • The Melco Local USB-DAC player will play Music stored on open shares on the Network in addition to music stored on the Melco

    Technical Specification:

    • Model: HA-N1AH60/2 & HA-N1AH60/2BK

    • Support file (Server): DSF, DFF, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, AAC, MP3, WMA, OGG, LPCM

    • Support file (Player): DSF, DFF, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, AAC

    • Sampling Rate (Server): 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176K, 192K, 384K, 2.8M, 5.6M, 11.3M

    • Sampling Rate (Player): 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176K, 192K, 384K, 2.8M, 5.6M, 11.3M

    • Bit Rate: 16-32bit (PCM), 1bit (DSD)

    • Media Server: Twonky Media Server

    • Terminals: LAN (1000BASE-T), Player (1000BASE-T), Backup (USB 3.0, Rear Panel), Expansion (USB 3.0, Rear Panel), USB 3.0 (Rear Panel), USB 3.0 (Front Panel), USB-DAC (USB 2.0, Rear Panel), Ground Connectable Bolt

    • Power supply unit: 60 W x1 with capacitor bank

    • Music Storage/Drives: HDD (3 TB x2) Configure as Spanned {6TB} or RAID

    • Local USB DAC Player Control: UPnP Control Point Type 0 or Type 1 supported

    • Case: Aluminium front panel & Metal chassis

    • Size (WxHxD): 436mm x 62mm x 352mm

    • Weight: 7kg

    • 2 Years Warranty

    Technical Information:

    • Light pipe isolated Gigabit Ethernet ports to eliminate interference. Illumination can be disabled

    • Specialised high performance TDK pulse transformers for precise network communcation

    • Ultra-low jitter system clock for outstanding audio quality

    • 60w low noise power supply. Designed to be proof against unexpected power-down

    • Specialised low noise audio HDD on antivibration mounts

    • Japanese TAOC brand graded cast-iron with Oak wood isolation feet

    • Multiple low noise power regualtors for long term stability


    About Melco

    Melco was established by Makoto Maki in 1975 in Japan. Maki, an enthusiastic audiophile, established the company to design and manufacture the finest audio components of the time - the undoubted masterpiece of the Melco line being the turntable, introduced into the UK in 1980, which set new standards in music reproduction.

    From those early beginnings Melco developed into the largest computer peripherals manufacturer in Japan, offering advanced products based on rigorous R&D, including Wireless routers, Ethernet Data Switches and storage devices such as NAS drives.

    Now the Company is proud to revive the highly-respected Melco brand, offering discerning audiophiles high technology networked audio components in the spirit of those much revered early Melco products, while incorporating the very latest research into reliable high performance networked devices and storage.

    'Melco' stands for Maki Engineering Laboratory Company.

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    Product:  Melco N1A/2 HDD Network Music Library & Server
    Model:  Melco N1A/2 HDD Network Music Library & Server
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    Melco N1A/2 HDD Network Music Library & Server
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    SKU: Melco N1A/2 HDD Network Music Library & Server

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