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    QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable
    SKU: QE1315

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    Ruby Anniversary EVOLUTION is a completely new design from the QED laboratories in celebration of FORTY years at the forefront of UK speaker cable design. It utilizes the technologies of both Genesis and X-Tube cables and combines them in a new miniature format to bring high end cable philosophies to the budget hi-fi market.

    This cable offers exceptional performance for its price through its use of carefully calculated Air Core™ geometry which has the combined effect of reducing the overall impedance of the cable below that which would be expected of a traditional speaker cable of the same cross-sectional area from DC right up to 100kHz. In particular the individual parallel conductor geometry combined with the hollow central core combine to give a very low inductance cable that drastically reduces the “skin effect” meaning that the vast majority of the cross-sectional area of the cable is used throughout the audio spectrum. Conductor spacing has been carefully engineered to take advantage of this naturally low self inductance so that parallel capacitance can be further reduced by moving the conductors further apart than normal.

    This reduces distortion by minimizing the amount of energy stored in the cable some of which will be lost when it is returned during each cycle at different frequencies. This is why the measured dissipation factor is an incredibly low 0.0001. By using a special formulation of different conductor gauges each frequency carried by the cable is free to take the easiest path possible and micro-timing of the signal is affected. As a result of these changes the cable now has an even more improved upper mid and treble presentation.

    For use as a connection between any audio power amplifier or integrated amplifier and loudspeakers.

    “Musical elements are nicely held together and presented in a manner in which the listener can just sit back and soak them all up. Vocals sound fluid and organic, and the cable helps your system convey emotion and dynamism nicely. If your system's stuck in a lull and needs an injection of enthusasm and excitement, the Ruby Anniversary evolution will deliver. We'd just be a little wary of using this cable with bright-sounding electronics speakers". What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision March 2014


    • QED Ruby Anniversary Speaker Cable

    • Length: Custom

    • Please note, you need to enter a quantity of 2 for a pair

    • Two 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper central conductors of 37/0.146 mm stranding and three 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper central conductors of 19/0.203 mm stranding (giving a CSA of 3 mm2) individually insulated from each other by 5 low density polyethylene filler rods OD 1.02 mm

    • These conductors and insulating rods wound around a hollow PE central core of 2.32 mm OD using a 90 mm opposing lay and held firmly in place by a 100% clear Mylar wrap

    • Ruby Anniversary is sheathed in a flexible clear polyethylene outer jacket providing 1.15 mm spacing between conductors

    • Capacitance 33.4 pF/m, Loop Inductance 0.61 mH/m, Loop resistance 11.0 mW

    • Dissipation Factor@10 kHz: 0.0001

    • Nominal outside diameter 6.0 mm

    • Terminal connectors - Optional. Choice of AIRLOC Banana or AIRLOC Spade terminal plugs

    • Lifetime UK Warranty

    • SAME DAY DISPATCH BY FIRST CLASS POST (If ordered before 4.30pm Mon to Fri)


    One of the big problems as cable conductor size increases, is how to keep the inductance low. This is vital to reduce cable losses and prevent inaccuracies in the signal transfer process, i.e. distortion.

    The normal way to do this is to use a number of individually insulated conductors within the cable construction. This method is utilised to great effect in the design of our Genesis Silver Spiral loudspeaker cables. However, this results in a product that has a very high quality sound performance, but is expensive to manufacture and can be difficult to terminate.

    To take advantage of this design ethos, but in a more conventional format, X-TUBE forms the conductor in the shape of a tube with an inner aircore. This has the same effect as using multiple insulated conductors and ensures that high frequencies are transmitted cleanly, with the added benefit of ease of termination. This unique tubular conductor geometry also provides lower flux density within the conductors, which gives improved transparency to the sound.


    1.) At low frequencies both X-TUBE™ and conventional stranded/solid core speaker cable convey signals in a linear way. This is represented by the uniform green colour of the strands shown in the two diagrams above.

    2.) At higher frequencies X-TUBE retains a near-linear signal transfer, whereas the conventional stranded/solid core cable fails to efficiently conduct higher frequencies uniformly across the entire conductor area. The diagram shows excess current density at the periphery (designated in red) and rapidly deteriorating current density (green through to white) towards the centre of the conductor.

    The effect of this is to reduce the actual cross-sectional area of the cable at 15kHz to less than 75% of that at low frequencies. The result is induced distortion and a compromise in the performance of the cable.

    X-TUBE with Aircore™ technology exhibits much lower self-inductance and is therefore less affected by this problem. The use of an innovative Polyethylene aircore enables a reduction in loop inductance to levels only usually achievable by using more costly and difficult to terminate cables.


    We can terminate your cable with QED's superb 24 Carat gold plated AIRLOC termination plugs. AIRLOC is QED's specialised loudspeaker termination method and offers the very best termination with QED speaker cables. This is a solder-free, airtight fusion between the cable and plug and offers optimum signal transfer, excellent signal quality and perfect long-term performance.


    Simply select the length of cable, the type of plug and the termination required (one end or both ends) from the drop-down menus above and click on the 'Buy' button to add the item to your basket. Your cable will be dispatched within 24 hours subject to Future Shop Terms & Conditions.


    When AIRLOC Forte plugs are fitted to a cable they are subjected to such high pressure they undergo a process called 'cold welding' which transforms the plug and cable into one solid piece of metal.

    The graph below shows that when full pressure is reached, resistance is at a minimum. In addition, because all the air has been removed, there will be no degradation of sonic performance caused by oxidisation of the contact area, for the whole lifetime of your cable.

    NEW QED AIRLOC Forte plugs enable optimum performance and maintain signal integrity between amplifier and speaker.

    QED speaker cables only use 99.999% oxygen free copper, in many cases enhanced by silver plating.

    In Order to maintain channel tonal balance and minimise speaker cable resistance you should make sure your cables are of equal length.

    Product Summary

    Product:  QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable
    EAN:  5036694011416
    Price:  6.50 GBP
    Condition:  New
    Availability:  Yes
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    QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable
    Product Reviews for QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable
    SKU: QE1315

    Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
    Based on 3 ratings from 3 reviews.
    Product Reviewed: QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable
    Submitted By: on
    Very satisfied with these cables. I've noticed an improve from the first moment. Balanced and very detail and energetic sound reproduction. Transparent trebles and open mids, perhaps not very tightened bass althought always present. The soundstage and overall performance is much better than my old OFC stripped wire cable. In conjunction with Qed airloc forte connectors, I think is a well spent money...worth for the price...

    Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!  5 out of 5 stars.
    Product Reviewed: QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable
    Submitted By: on
    Product arrived on schedule and the packing is standard packing but it is good enough to prevent any damages from delivery. The plug connection to the the cable is professional, The cable and plug quality are good for the money value.

    Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!  5 out of 5 stars.
    Product Reviewed: QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable
    Submitted By: on
    Very nice. Quick mail service.

    Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!  5 out of 5 stars.
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