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  • Top Tips : Keeping To One Hi-Fi Cable Brand

    Navigating the quagmire of different audio & video cable brands is not easy. There are a a huge number of manufacturers developing cutting edge technologes. Each company manufactures hundreds of different cables all in many different lengths so how should you decide which company and which cable suits you and your AV set up? Each AV cable manufacturer aspires to a variety of brand values and a distinctive sound that they wish to offer to...
  • Top Tips : Buying Hi-Fi Speaker Cables

    Hi-fi speaker cables are an essential part of any hi-fi system, whether mono, stereo, or surround sound. Whatever the set-up, the best possible quality hi-fi speaker cables within the buyer’s budget should be purchased to ensure the maximum performance is achieved. When buyers purchase a top of the range hi-fi system and speakers, they often buy low quality cables that are inappropriate and perform poorly, eliminating any benefits of the expensive audio system. When buying...
  • Must Haves: Phono Audio Cables

    Phono Audio Cables are arguably the most used cables for any type of Audio set-ups. With different materials, construction processes and shielding, each cable can offer a unique build that differs from others and each brand aims for their own signature sound Being one of the most used cables means there are many different varieties available so we’ve made our own list of which audio cables are a must have :   ...
  • Must Haves: Accessories

    Accessories are the often forgotten and unknown aspects of improving your audio visual experience. Sometimes the biggest improvements can come from the smallest of objects, for example, isolation products for your amplifiers which can effectively prevent excess static and vibration from being detrimental to the performance of your equipment. With many upgrades available, here are our list of must-haves to show you the possibilities :   1) Oehlbach Isolation Oehlbach is a key brand for...
  • Top Tips : Positioning Your Speakers Correctly

    Whether you have a £100 speaker or £1000, where you position them in a room is so important to making sure you are getting the maximum impact from the speaker. So here are some tips on How To Position Speakers Correctly: Room length If your room is a rectangle, the speakers will ideally face the length of the room, so place your desk by the shortest wall. Think in thirds ...
  • Must Haves: Mai